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I would love to do Lady MacBeth. I would love to do Martha in WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? And eventually I would like to do Hedda Gabler. But first, would be Blanche Dubois. I need to figure out what is the right order in terms of the character's ages that I what to do them. And seeing as I'm talking about theater - I only do plays every 3 years or so- one of them is going to be in my 60s and I need to figure out what is most appropriate.

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I do for free, baby!

heateus meme → 2/2 minor characters
↪ Bedelia du Maurier: "Hannibal, I’m your psychiatrist. You’re not mine."


How amazing must it be to want to do something your entire life and then when you finally get the chance to do it, everyone tells you that it’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

PROBABLY PRETTY AMAZING. Let’s cry about it.




"Gillian Anderson gives shatteringly powerful performance."



”There’s no doubt that Gillian Anderson gives a stellar performance as Blanche DuBois (…) Her Blanche is a deeply sensuous, tactile woman whose natural instinct is to stroke Stanley’s hairy forearms or…

This would be a threesome for all times.

Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster at the After Party of A Streetcar Named Desire’s Press Night.


Gillian Anderson at the After Party of A Streetcar Named Desire’s Press Night.

Gillian Anderson gives the performance of her career as Blanche DuBois in a raw, emotional and deeply unsettling Young Vic production.

I staggered out of this shattering production of Tennessee Williams’s bruising modern classic feeling shaken, stirred and close to tears.

Never have I seen a production of the play that was so raw in its emotion, so violent and so deeply upsetting.

The Telegraph, July 2013


The performances are superb Gillian Anderson giving the performance of her career as Blanche DuBois, the faded Southern belle of a big Mississippi mansion who has lost her home before the action begins and loses her mind by play’s end.

Petite and vulnerable, she captures the syrupy southern charm of the woman (…) As the play progresses, Anderson devastatingly captures a woman whose options are running out and who is getting ever closer to the end of her rope. Suddenly her lies and fantasies of a better life seem almost heroic, and her final crack-up is almost too painful to watch.


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